Welcome to the new home of Team KCM.



Team KCM Welcome to the New home of Team KCM


We would like to thank you for visiting our online home for all the information to do with Team KCM.  Here you'll find information on your favorite trucks and get an up to date schedule where you can see the trucks live and in person.  Be sure to check out our social media pages for fan interaction with the drivers and crew.


Team KCM 08.12.16 - Bluffdale, Utah - All Star Monster Truck Tour


Almost at the end of our marathon tour and we had just a few more to go before a break.  The competition seems to get better and better each week.  We did what we do best, we picked up the freestyle win and laid down some awesome runs in the time trial event, and come away with a second in wheelies.


Team KCM 08.09.16 - Dueshene, Utah - All Star Monster Truck Tour


We were back in our state of Utah and the competition just got serious. We had the pleasure of competing against old friends and former teammates, the crowd was sure to get their money's worth.  We managed to walk away with a Freestyle Win and two seconds in time trials and wheelies.


Team KCM 08.06.16 - Worland, Wyoming - Live A Little Productions


New city just a couple days from our last show and it was time to show them what we were all about.  Our goal was to sweep all the events and that's just what we did.  We were up against some fierce young competitors but we showed them they're going to have to bring their 'A' game if they want to be on top.  Another mechanical gremlin tried to shut us down in freestyle but we worked around it, and put on a show for the fans.


Team KCM 08.04.16 - Riverton, Wyoming - Live A Little Productions


We started the night on a roll with Wicked taking the win in Wheelies. We managed to advance in the bracket to take the win in Racing.  Our Freestyle started with high energy as always; but mechanical gremlins put a damper on our fun, leaving us to settle for second place.








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