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Team KCM Welcome to the New home of Team KCM


We would like to thank you for visiting our online home for all the information to do with Team KCM.  Here you'll find information on your favorite trucks and get an up to date schedule where you can see the trucks live and in person.  Be sure to check out our social media pages for fan interaction with the drivers and crew.


Team KCM 06.22.17 - Few Weekends out on the road.


liveWe had a few good weekends out on the road to start the summer swing of things. Evanston, WY Dragon Slayer managed to pick up and Wheelie and Freestyle wins and was able to pull it in the trailer.  Kamakazi suffered a laundry list of damage but was able to come away with a racing win. It took a little bit of work to load Kamakazi at the end of the night but the crowd loved it. The next night in Afton, WY found Dragon Slayer in the winner's circle for Racing and Freestyle. American Soldier took home the Wheelie win for the night but not without some damage. We rolled into to Denver with a stacked field of trucks against us, but we showed them why they call us the Bad Boys of Utah; we made them earn their keep this weekend. We go up against a field like that again, they'll know they're going to have to run hard to beat us. The guys seem to be running real hard for the fans, so as long as they enjoy it we'll keep it up!


Team KCM 05.12.17 - Couple of New Trucks Debut!


We have rolled out two new trucks for the 2017 season! American Soldier is being driven by Master Sergeant Jon Morris; he is true to the name with over 17 years is both the U.S. Army, and U.S. Air Force. The other truck we are thrilled to bring back is Dragon Slayer, and Kreg will be back in the truck he started running 25 years ago.


Team KCM 06.01.17 - Schedule Updated!


Check out our schedule and come see us at an event near you!


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